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Jane Strap Platform

Jane Strap Platform

Mary Jane Shoes: Trends in fashion style shoes

As a class, as its name, Mary Jane is a type of flat shoes or sandals known for a single buckle strap across the instep with a rounded heel and black patent leather. Mary Jane became popular in the 20s and girls usually wear dresses and school uniforms. It formal counterpart of high heels that the girls used in formal events. Its name comes from a comic book character, Mary Jane Buster Brown's girlfriend in the comic series Buster Brown. The Brown Shoe Company used the Buster Brown characters to advertise their shoes through hired actors performing in theaters and shops. Finally, the shoes worn by Mary Jane characters adapted its name from its carrier.

After many years, the traditional Mary Janes for girls is still popular. There have been improvements and changes in materials and colors, but still has his trademark round tip and a belt. Another bold step of Mary Janes has taken is re-styling himself serving women. So ends became rounded toes and square;
And flat floor have become high heels, wedges and platforms. Black continues dominate, but there is more room for other colors. Leather is now competing with the types of synthetic, PVC and others. As technology improves, more alternatives options re-created for Mary Janes.

What to wear with Mary Jane has never really been a problem since left the traditional formal wear for girls office wear for women. Just look at how Mary Jane evolved in terms of style, color and material that is easier to change the brand of these shoes conform to the general lifestyle of women. Currently, there are shoes in the form of Mary Jane-suited for women on the run. Even goth girls and punk rock up the cause late 1990 and early 2000's. To get the girl of the school that combined dot sighting knees and colorful striped socks with Mary Janes, along with mini-skirts Scotland. Kinder whore Lolita Fashion and subcultures have also been known to use dress Mary Jane. Apparently, these shoes can be used either way because through the years women have used with almost anything!

Stacy Ferguson AKA Fergie, singer and member of the Black Eyed Peas, has a song about Mary Jane in their single / album debut, The Dutchess. She says in her song as Mary Janes are so beautiful to use and how to place a special place in his heart. In pop culture, characters we have met associated with the use of Mary Jane. Billy the puppet in the Saw horror movies, wears a red pair of Mary Jane and Velma Dinkley in the cartoon series Scooby-Doo style dresses traditional.

Anyone can be inspired by this classic icon and apparently what we see in the media reflect how Mary Jane has been part of our everyday life. Mary Jane has been reigning since about 90 years. What else can you do to continually surprise us? Have we seen everything? So simple original design as it seems, there is more to the imagination that is in store for this shoe. His future is as long as the gateway.

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