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Jane Shoes Size

How to spot a pair of fake Gucci

shoes Gucci shoes are among the most widely imitated in the market. Before buying a pair of shoes Gucci online, make sure you are not accidental that invest in a fake. Explore the following guidelines for more tips on how to avoid a cheap imitation of the Gucci brand.

What to look inside a real Gucci shoe: Every authentic Gucci shoes given an eight digit number serial is stamped on the shoe leather lining. All serial numbers are eight digits exactly, so consider before you buy! This serial number must be discreet, but is usually placed inside the shoe with height. The Gucci "mark should be printed inside the shoe at the heel. Next to the name brand should be a label that says "Made in Italy." Both labels must be readily visible. As always, make sure the seals have been applied in the form of quality ( say, are properly aligned, the brand is spelled correctly, etc..) A true designer shoes almost never cover the name of the designer, so if somehow cut the "Gucci" label or hidden, it's likely that the shoe is a forgery. Finally, the Gucci shoes are lined with leather. Seller of a real Gucci shoes will be aware of this fact.

What to look for in a real shoe soles Gucci: The one of an authentic Gucci shoes must be made of leather. Again, an honest seller should be able to easily answer any such questions. In fact, a good way to test the waters if you suspect is making A number of detailed questions about the shoes you want to buy (make sure you know the right answers!) and then see how your provider responds.

Soles Gucci shoes vary with gender. Gucci women's shoes will have the word "Gucci" and "Made in Italy" stamped on the bottom of shoe. Gucci shoes a man can be printed, or may have a silver plate engraved with the brand name.

What to look on the packaging of a real Gucci shoes: Genuine Gucci shoes usually come in bags of dark brown dust. The bags are printed with the G "double" of the logo. The shoe box is also a brown dark and should have the word "Gucci" engraved on the lid. Letters must be silver.

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