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Hot Gladiator Heel

Hot Gladiator Heel
Is the sound appealing, based on my personality?

* I have 17 years. * I am very, very introverted. I like to spend more time alone. * I quite well in school (although I'm not a genius). * I am interested in the things of the world (eg, religion, politics, geography, culture), but I like to talk about them. * I am not very fashionable and actually quite conservative when it comes to my style – no shirts with brand names on them, without leggings, gladiator who do not, halter tops only use a very hot climate. And I never wear short shorts. * I love heels, I'm used to now that I wear flats instead. This is my favorite pair of heels – but also took it less often due to be 4 inches (Well, well, just a check is carried in this photo): * http://i2.ytimg.com/vi/pdmWXnQJ2pc/ 0.jpg I am especially very cold, despite my moods change very much, I can control my temper. * I try not too judge people. Do I sound interesting?

Nothing is boring and dull, but ordinary only. Well, you are more introverted type! 🙂 That would attract more introverted boys and girls who like introverted!

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