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High Heels Size

High Heels Size
Girls: The use of advisory Heels charity shoe size please?

A number of girls in the office have said they would donate the money to a local charity, if I wear high heel Stilettos at work for a day (7.5 hours). I have provisionally agreed to participate and need buy a pair but I wonder if I am a size 8 men's shoe size what size should I look to buy high heels? Please note that you need to feel as comfortable as possible (I know I told you not feel comfortable) Also to ensure no cheating and stay in high heels girls I have been told they have a sinister plot to prevent me from removing them. Any idea what this could be? (I have fear)

Probably a size 10 in women. Stilettos I get to work every day (4 inches) and love them! I had the experience of working in it 13 years. If you feet hurt from work to buy Dr. Scholl gel pads.

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