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High Heels Pump

High Heels Pump
How I can buy some high heels, stiletto heels, without my parents help?

want to buy some high heels and wear them, I love high heels, but I can not drive yet, and I have no money at all. I know that high heels pumps and stilettos cost much at $ 100. How I can get some high-heeled shoes without the help of my parents? Parents are hard on crossdressing, not going to accept so I want to get it in secret.

It sounds a little on the young side. Most parents do not like when the child what should look like a lady. You have to be in them. A male child is the greatest a couple. As for the shoes you could try Goodwill, the Salvation Army or thrift store. Most stores that sell what the only thing you have to do is show the money and have the ambition to walk to the store. As for costs, we should look at the line that should not pay more fifty dollars for a pair of good shoes. But it probably will take some time and think about what you are dong. Keeping mom and dad you can do it difficult for you and if he finds that it can be a big problem. So beware. Good luck with the adventure.

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