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High Heels Boots

High Heels Boots
When you should not wear tight jeans and high heeled boots?

The day is about 65 degrees and has been raining all day. I would say that a black / White halter top, tight jeans and black leather knee high boots dress heel (3.4 "heel height) are acceptable with him can Now, is there a rule that should not be worn boots over jeans and usually a fall / winter look? Will work for situations like today, where it rains all day? Would you wear a suit like this on a day like this? your thoughts?

I would! Especially since there was been raining, but if you want to give a more "spring" look, I'd go for a colored top, maybe a blue or magenta, something bright or floral to match the season. You might also try a thin white jean, white as the season is over now, but it's raining, maybe jeggings? they look like skinny jeans but do not stain as easily as white, and (as they are thinner) would be more comfortable in the climate of 65 degrees. These are just my suggestions:) I hope I helped!

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