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High Heel Mary

High Heel Mary
FOR BACK TO SCHOOL .. I'm looking for a style similar to Lauren Conrad .. .. Blair Waldorf and Mary-Kate and Ashley

Lauren Conrad. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girls) 1. Where to buy? 2. What is the name of your style? 3. How do i mix and match? 4. what type of parts should seek i for? 5. random question. but what has the middle and high heels go well with the look?

1. anywhere … but i like shopping in 21 alone forever get stuff that looks like things that would … ex. scarves, gladiator sandals, necklaces, simple shirts, skinny jeans. 2. idk … not really a "style" I called UNIQUE. Or I guess preppy: / 3. um .. i just do it. I really did not get what you mean. 4. go to question # 1 5. a dress. a short black dress or something.

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