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High Buckle Thong
Dress Code Violations What Have You Been sent home for?

I was reading an article about a Texas high school sent home a few hundred students during belts.The belts were too many holes, buckles too big, too light brown whatever. It made me think about what articles of dress code that you or someone you work with or go to school with who was sent home / suspended / fired New? My work has a problem with Capri pants forsome reason. I have no idea why.We can wear skirts above our knees.Capris show less skin. In addition, There is a debate about what a flip flop (not allowed) and a thong sandals (which is allowed). My last job was as managers too.Sometimes when walking around the office and make "controls shoes" I just put my feet in the straps so that one can see the thong leather piece.Even if they did not want the argument. Anyone else?

I've never been sent home because through the primary and secondary school uniforms were rarely someone sent me home. In secondary school have been sent home, although I'm not flip flops.

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