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Hidden Platform Pumps

Hidden Platform Pumps
what should my makeup?

I will return home and my dress is purple with gold jewelry and black high heels My eye color is dark brown brown gold leather dress color: Collar http://elanimagemanagement.com/html/elan-blog/wp-content/uploads/image/pPOLO2-4387090_standard_v330.jpg: http://www.bostonstore.com/product/jewelry/ necklaces +% 26 + pendants / necklaces + social + occasion / social + occasion + tear + + and + stone + necklace – gold shoes amber.do-+: http://really-great.com/wp-content/uploads/2009 / 09/CL_Rolando_Hidden_Platform_Patent_Black_Pump_da001.jpg – Thanks for the help

Oooh, love shoes! With her purple dress, I'm so glad I went with a simple gold necklace instead of a silver: D … It looks so real? without being too. I think you should play up your makeup are dramatic. OJOS Y! black eyeliner and mascara for your eye shadow, you can make brown and gold. The pen gold in the corners are great. Http: / / 3.bp.blogspot.com/_wmaYDsHuOQI/SJ3s2MRz-kI/AAAAAAAACMY/2FNN3WPs4as/s400/Versace + (4). Jpg Blush: not too, only one or two shades darker than your skin tone, keep it neutral. Lips: a natural / nude shade, I do not red / pink to clash with your dress. http://images.teamsugar.com/ files/upl2/0/3987/19_2009/613e3f3a5f1ba556_anne-hathaway.jpg

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