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Hidden Platform Open
How I can remove Java (TM), the Standared edit icon in the tray?

Since some days I see this icon in the tray (near volume and time icon) .. What does it mean .. How I can remove this without damaging the software icon java .. if you right click on this icon shown i "of Java technology on java.com going to open control panel open the console hide icon (when I can hide the fact that at some point after coming back) Any help would be appreciated .. Thanks

I can help. Click your Start button menu. Click Properties. Click the Taskbar tab. At the bottom right, there is a Customize button. Click on the list of Java. On the menu drop down (Hide when inactive), click Always hide. Click OK. Then on the Taskbar and Start Properties Ment, click Apply or OK. Hope this helps. Comment if you need any clarification.

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