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Heels Shoes Womens
Where I can find the size of 16 women in the UK (18US/52EUR) shoes?

So I have big feet, and I can not find any place that sells high-heeled shoes in my size. Im in the men's size 15 but conscious of high heeled shoes need a size up. I found a website, a company based in the United Kingdom. I had marked, but it can not and do not seem to find it again. When you can get the shoes of this size?

I'm in the U.S.. I do not know if that will help, but I found a company that has the heels of men in mens sizes 8-16. One was a 17 http://www.candlelightfashions.com site says it will ship international orders. I wear a mens size 7 and a size 9 womans … I can not find men's shoes to fit me in the U.S. due to new sizes! I have to go to the children's department or to comply with women's shoes. You have all luck! Enjoy. I hope you find something you love.

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