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Heel Shoe Size

Heel Shoe Size
what shoe size I could fit in women's stiletto high pumps?

I have this role in the drama of school productions of me that I have to play a girl in the game of my theater classes this November. They told me I have to wear a dress, fake hair and girls from 5-inch heels pumps high. I do not know where to get a dress that I have and how can i fit in women high heel pumps needle? What shoe size not bombs have to be? I wear about a size 10 men's sneakers. Please help me I have only two weeks to practice and I never wore a dress and high heels before. How I can walk in high heels? Please, I need some help !!!!!!!!

There is no way to know unless you try. Most men have wider feet so they need an extra pair sizes (so you need a 12), but for example I have narrow feet and I just put a / 2 size extra 1 (10 1 / 2 men and 11 women). Go to the nearest shoe store trash (there's one in every city of average size), take a deep breath and face seller. They've seen it all and will be helpful and courteous. They just want to make a sale. Now if you've never done this before, one or two hours in 5 inch stilettos can literally, to mourn. Unless your head is a sadist or want stilettos (me!), You could go for five-inch wedge heel, a pair inches tall at the front, which are much more comfortable.

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