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Heel Pumps Size

Heel Pumps Size
Why are my high-heeled pumps keep slipping from my heel when I walk, even if it is the right size?

I have this problem also, in fact, it happens more with one of my feet than the other. Narrow heels are a feature of being a woman, and sometimes shoe designers do not seem to take notice. In addition, the material from your shoes are made of sections in the heat of your feet as the day goes on, and little by little, the material of the shoe is extended permanently. There are cushions bead can be applied to the inside heel of his shoes which are made of soft rubber grip that heels when walking. I think they are by Dr. Scholl and work very well for me. They are inexpensive and are about one inch wide by 2 or 3 inches long (rounded edges), with peel and stick back. You can find them supermarkets and pharmacies in the section you will find the templates.

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