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Heel Pump Shoes

Heel Pump Shoes

Are high-heeled shoes every day?

We know that many women crazy about high heels, especially the famous mark, for example, pumps Christian Louboutin, due to its magic function. Some experts say that high heels are not the shoes every day. There may be a high price to pay in the long term wearing high heels, although very popular, especially among celebrities. High heels are best suited for "special occasions" have, as some studies confirm heels levels can cause problems in women's knees, feet and ankles, if they are thick or thin. A variety of conditions from corns and calluses with back problems, sprains, chronic knee pain and hammer toes are all caused by high heels.

We believe that wide heels are better. We feel more comfortable, and use all day. It appears that the largest venue can hold a heavier weight and wide-heeled shoes gives us the perception of greater stability when standing. Many researchers possible to look chunkier heels fashionable now to determine whether they are harmful to women's knees. There is an authority study. 20 healthy women with an average weight of 130 kilos and an average age of 34 form a group. The topic is about shoes with a heel of about 1.75 inches wide compared to shoes with half-width. All were 2.7 inches tall. They were divided into three groups, one in narrow-heeled shoes, one in the wide-heeled shoes and once barefoot. The result is that it is detrimental to use wide-heeled shoes.

We are wise of our wealth. Many people pay attention to long-term damage they are doing to our feet. Experts told us to wear high heels around the house for a few hours before leaving. We got used to them before attempting more strenuous as the purchase. The pay Louboutin health care in its design, which is really good news for us. Some women who have skills in high heels show us the advice. If we have a precious few and sexy Christian Louboutin pumps, we can get inserts and cushions heel pumps for our feet more comfortable for long periods of wear. Someone makes a rate of wearing high heels, heel, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe, heel "work well, the first year had to remember this. It helps a lot. yoga sessions help increase the flexibility of our body. We improved tolerance of our body to heel by the stretching of the hamstrings, hip flexors and extensors before and after wear heels.

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