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Heel Pointy Toe

Heel Pointy Toe

What to Look For in a high-heeled

Here are some figures for you. Approximately 3.5 million dollars are spent each year in the United States Women surgeries foot. Above all its enormous cost, the female labor force loses 15 million days of work each year due to foot injuries and surgeries. And unfortunately, many of these foot problems are self-inflicted.

For some reason, uncomfortable shoes for women has always been in style. Take heels needle, for example. It is no coincidence that these uncomfortable shoes were named after a sharp, thin knife. Popular in the 1800s, the Stiletto is behind in style in 2009. Entering a major department store and you will find fashionable shoes with five-inch heels (or higher). Do not even think about it! shoes like these not only detrimental to the bone-structure of the feet, but also lead to death in her lap. And long nights of dancing in them will be updated for you.

This is what we have to wait if you ignore this advice, hammer toes, claw toes, bunions, corns, calluses, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ankle and Achilles tendon. In fact, the use of extremely high heels can permanently reduce the length of your Achilles tendon, making it impossible for you can wear shoes without heels (bye flip-flops in the summer) and the reduced capacity for exercise, running with ease and lead a healthy and active life.

When purchasing high heels, look for shoes with a heel that does not make substantial off balance (sometimes very dull and heavy heels are worse than the tiny). You'll want something that makes you feel solid on his feet so that your weight is distributed evenly between the ball of your foot and the heel (you should not feel as if balanced on the toes). Stick to heels that are 2 inches or less. These shoes will give you enough lift to show off your legs, but should not cause or aggravate injuries or deformities of the foot.

Fortunately, the Stiletto is not the only high-heel trend in 2009. The square toe is also back to big. This high heel this group is much better for the health of the toes pointed snout than a shoe. The shoes that cramp the toes can lead to some of the above-mentioned deformities (hammer, bunions, corns, etc), as well as ingrown toenails and fungal infections of the foot. square toe shoes must give your toes a little more room to expand.

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