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Heel Platform Sexy

Heel Platform Sexy
Do you think this will be very cute and sexy for my husband by the use of stripper heels in the bedroom?

I'm thinking of putting in some of these magnificent pair of stripper heels I bought in a local underwear and footwear. The heels are lucite heels stripper shoes clear platform with an incredible 6 or 7 inches stilettos and a 2 inch platform. I was thinking about using these stripper heels for him at night with my spagetti strap dress, sleeveless green shirt that ends at mid-thighs. Do you think this would be a nice surprise for her husband tonight? Please help me out with some suggestions because I do not really know if I should or not. The shoes were $ 65.00 dollars, when I bought them and they look really beautiful and sexy. Can someone please help me out?

It would definitely be sexy for your man. I've done something similar with 6.5 inch heels before and my boyfriend was so excited he was sore the next morning.

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