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Heel Moccasin Boots

Heel Moccasin Boots
All lovers UGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

So these are the pairs of uggs and I … high mosaic of tall chestnut sand chocolate tall short black mini short brown sandy light pink moccasin boots wedge of chocolate I love all dem but one thing I think maybe I should have got high prime arena fuggs mini pink light they're getting a lil too messy, too fast. And cleaning is not very well. I have a feeling that will not last all winter … So I wonder do you think maybe you should have those colors in the EMU or BearPaw? Doing so may perhaps give some links to where I could buy. Or should I go to the mall and get it in any brand you like without even a label on the heel? Or other brands may function better? Thank you <3 just want to say or comment that uggs are welcome

I have a pair of tall chestnut ugg UGG URBAN CO are not UGG brand official but infact they are much better quality. The lining of sheepskin is much thicker than the real ones and are also cheaper. They are from Australia and are equal more linear except for a different label (but not much difference). If you are looking to get some ugg to try these as they are really good. They come with appropriate dust bag and all that is not a cheap brand.

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