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Heel Ankle Strap

Heel Ankle Strap
My GF says ankle strap heels are so sexy slide show uses only front straps. Is it wrong?

My GF does not like to wear sandals ankle strap heels, because he feels that is a bit "horny", she would use only the mules and slides. I bought an ankle strap heels and she brought them a few times and she got many compliments on your shoes looking great … However, there is carrying them very often. I insist that she uses? I buy another pair of heels to his ankle straps?

It HAHA! That's so stupid. ankle straps are just another style of shoes. Some people perfer straps ankle, because it keeps the shoe secured to your feet so its easier to walk with them. I do not know where it came up with that idea. But anyway, if you do not like ankle straps that its not buy anymore.

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