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Harley Davidson Biker
what kind of sales promotions have harley davidson special events?

So I'm doing a project on the Harley Davidson and need to know what type of sales promotion has started. At special events, and / or dealers? I'm not a cyclist, so I'm unfarmiliar with this brand, anyone can provide useful insights?

Depending on the type of event most companies have MC advocacy. These activities include exhibitions product testing facility tours and entertainment. The entertainment facilities are usually for the current owners and friends. There might even be free food and beverages. There could also be raffles for clothing or accessories and free posters, stickers, etc. .. Once in a while, but very rarely, there can be no sales events price discounts associated with the larger event. This does not happen often because the dealers are selling the bikes and the manufacturer will have to discount the price to dealers as part of the promotion. It becomes very complicated because if a dealer gets a discount, then other dealers want a discount too. So sales Promotions are usually managed at the national level and are not associated with special events.

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