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Gray Water Sport

Gray Water Sport
What is the best sports-Scuba diving site in the UK?

Interested in wrecks, shark (if it can be seen around the coast of the United Kingdom), gray seals and great things. Also interested in cold-water corals and vegitation for photography.

Hi Andy, We have great site here. For seals and great reef to go to the Farne Islands and St Abbs. You are spoiled for choice to destroy … there are so many. My personal favs would be James Egan Lane – Kyarra – M2 – The Royal Charter … And not forgetting Scappa. The list is endless .. As for sharks … you might be lucky to see a big old basking shark, I have been fortunate to have discovered two this season. I guarantee that whatever you decide to dive coast she has something for you. Good luck and keep moist.

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