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Gray Sandals Shoes

Gray Sandals Shoes
Should I wear sandals to a jazz club?

It is a pretty little casual about a college (I'm on my average of 20 / male) and in an atmosphere nice I was thinking of using my Adidas slides sport like this:% http://www.shoes.com/product.asp?catalog 5Fname = web & product = 5036853% 5fid &% 5fid variant = EC1033972 & CMP = OTC-and partnered NexTag = NexTag and NexTag and campaign cpc = = adidas & group = Men and cpckw = Female + + Adilette Clover Black +%% 2fSilver 2fLead Or maybe just my thong sandals with a pair of khaki cargo (or gray jeans) and a short shirt sleeve Henly. Its more or less an atmosphere sit down. There really is not any dancing there for that is not a problem, maybe a little foot / toe tapping but even in thongs, but should be cool, I think. I was there once before what seems to be okay.

No! Get some class … lol … j / k, but no, do not.

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