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Gray Running Shoes

Gray Running Shoes

6 Ways to Reignite your passion for performance

(Used to run a lot. Now it? Both. But you want to get back into it. It's easy! Simply …)

Imagine yourself in your future body Kick-Butt
Everyone loves you. Everyone you craves. Everyone loves you! Now start running and make it happen!

Get an iPod and use the
Well, no have to be an iPod, but if you do not have any portable audio device, I recommend you get one. Nothing pushes like music. It is a world of difference. (Forget about watching TV while jogging on a treadmill. You need to create your personal images.) Rhythmic music is a kick in the butt. (I dare anyone not want to run when they hear "Fatboy Slim Weapon of Choice".)

Cut out pictures of people with bodies to which Admire
Are you ready to trash the magazine? Wait Do not trash until you've ripped from the pages (already know) that make you feel excited about the development and improvement of your body. Olympic swimmers do not do it for you? Beckham bending one? Whatever works – clip her file, and focus on it.

Enjoy the attention on you
You spend much time focusing on others both personally and professionally. Running allows you to spend time with yourself, alone in the head, lost in thought. Soak up.

Update your running shoes
Enough with the stinking gray shoes with holes in the plants! Get a new pair of jazz (and hit the streets to show)!

Think about how you feel … Crappy
… When you miss your race. You feel lazy. You feel like you took the easy way. You feel like a slug. A big fat dum-dum. Do not make this happen! Think about how great you feel when it's over!

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Robert McEvily is a copywriter, social media consultant, and the creator and editor of Six Sentences.

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