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Gray Heels Pumps

Gray Heels Pumps

Seven essential for women shoes

While footwear comes in all styles, shapes and colors that never fails, something happens, and shoes are perfect nowhere to be found. This list will help solve that problem. These are the essential elements, with commercial links.

1. The "must-have" – A Black Dress High Heel Shoes
Not too tight, nothing too trendy – remember these are the basics – but a black, heeled elegant high is certainly an essential element. Guess This sexy pump is an excellent example of a classic awesome. For wardrobe staples, I like the top of the fabric as are typically more versatile than leather or patent.

2. The "Show Stopper" – A high-heeled dress shoe metal
There are some special occasion equipment black shoes will not work with. For those, try a shoe murderer on the night of metal, as this afternoon, "Kaye silver sandal Pelle Moda. Shoes like these are great with pastels, silver, gray and white, but still works very well with black dresses too.

3. The small "Black Dress" shoe – A Black low heel pump
For those times when a strappy sandal is inadequate, or "too elegant, "as an early dinner, impromptu business meeting or even a funeral, a low heel, comfortable black pump is essential for the library shoes for every woman. These pumps micro-fiber Trotters are versatile and come in a variety of widths. I also like that the heel is on the thick side.

4. The "Bread and Butter" of women's shoes – An informal semi flat
You'll want a shoe that can look cute with jeans, but not so casual that I could not wear pants more pleasant with it too. This pretty skimmer Gabriella Rocha is a great example of the type of shoe I'm talking about, and is available in a lot of great colors and materials.

5. The "Instant" Do More "- casual heeled shoes and boots
Nothing can dress up a casual outfit and make you feel better about yourself, like adding a little height. No matter how high or low heel that is just about to leave Flats for a bit. Looking for casual shoes or boots with some heels for when you want to be elegant, even in jeans.

6. Winter boots required ugg
On a cold winter, a pair of ugg boots are so important. Ugg boots are made of sheepskin, which can protect your feet chill. If you are not going to take part in formal occasion, ugg boots are the best choice in winter. Not to mention there are many options for you to choose from, such as fall boots evening, boots, etc mini

7. The "walk in the park shoes – one sneaker
Once again, the choice is yours but if it is a bit pointy sneaker white, or a first novel, high retro, every wardrobe needs a sneaker. These shoes of Adidas old school is one of my favorite styles – perfect for strolling through the park, or trips to the grocery store.

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