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Gold Sandals Thongs

Gold Sandals Thongs
Where I can find these Jimmy Choo sandals !?!??!?!?

Call to all fashion lovers! Im looking for gold and the red wire white crystal, gemstones, high-heeled sandals Choo Thong Jimmy – as featured on Oprah and is also the looks of Nicole Richie on the ads, except version Heel. I've fallen in love with these shoes, but I can not find now that I have kept the funds to buy them! HELP! Does anyone know where I can order online? My shoe size large size makes it difficult for me to buy designer shoes from the store, so I usually buy online. I wear a size from 40 to 41 (yes they are good boats but I'm 5'11 ") and I've searched eBay and a couple of online stores and have had no luck in finding them. I do not know if it is too Early in the fall to find for sale yet, or too late in the summer and now they are no longer available. Jimmy Choo does not take online orders and have been included even the shoe in place anymore … Please if you have any idea where to find them, let me know!

try ebay

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