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Spring Fashion 2009 – Your Guide to Tunic Tops

This spring does not have to be a candidate for mother and Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba to wear a robe superior. Furthermore it is not necessary to challenge an increasingly cold winter that is used with a tunic top, although many fashion lovers prefer it as a need for cabinets winter. In short, inspired by their ability to cover your neck to the knees.

In fact, just wait for next spring 2009 and will meet in the middle of a wide selection of spring fashions exclusively designed tunic tops. There are floral tunics. There are coats of satin. There are robes silk. So you have a variety of tunic tops in terms of colors, styles and fabrics.

Here are some tips on how to use tunic tops this spring in different styles and still look fashionable.

Floral tunic with jeans: Using a pair of jeans with a floral tunic top can be a eyeopener both real men and their female colleagues. jeans skin-fit can be the most appropriate. Try to pair jeans such with any tunic flower of your choice. I recommend going up a lemon yellow robe, filled with pink floral prints, skinny jeans with a deep blue. Wear sunglasses, along with a necklace of pearls and heels or wedges.

Satin tunic with baggy legs: Satin rule this spring, so will the robe. Therefore, attention something that combines (satin robe) together. Choose a wide-legged trousers in classic black. Select a satin crossover in any of the top ten spring Pantone colors. Use a red boot, a belt design and wrap a white handkerchief. Do not forget sunglasses.

Metallic Red silky tunic Skirts: metallic fashion was a furor in the second half of 2008. This anger has slipped in 2009 as well. Therefore, it is worth a thousand gold coins to fall into a metal skirt. A red silk tunic is a perfect choice with some embroidery on your collar and sleeves. knee-length tunics, is strictly prohibited, if you are metal using a short skirt. Instead, a tunic waist-length will be the most appropriate choice for this skirt. And finally, wear flats, wedges or slingbacks.

Mid length cotton robes Stretch: With comfortable stretch cotton tunics, soft feel of spring double. Go for a mid-length coat in any shade, as the traditional black, red or sky inspiring bawdy blue. These colorful robes are always compatible with all types of pants, trousers, skirts and designer jeans or broken the same way. Pair with ballet slippers, high heels or sandals. Use a large bag with golden shadow.

Long-sleeved embroidered robes: The use of a long-sleeved tunic is embroidered very flattering for you, if you want to add few inches to your height. You can even get a coat of shiny fabric, which has a handful of embroidery, for the parties during the spring lawn cold nights. Use metallic shoes and tight jeans with him.

Button Down Tunic: You can also call more clearly, as the button tunic shirts. In general, such as knee tunics are made of satin. So are perfect for the holidays. You may prefer to use them without pants too. Use wedges or ballet slippers. Choose a red button tunic added a black belt. Bring a game bag.

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