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Gold Sandals Shoes

Gold Sandals Shoes

Tips for Buying Wedding Shoes

A pair of bridal shoes is often the last thing you think of a bride, always imagine what it will look in your dress bride on her big day but totally forget about the bridal shoes even though they are the second most important element of your wedding gown.

And the unexpected variety range of choices available can be daunting. But there are some key points to consider when choosing your footwear. First, is your day and just because the traditional way is to use a flat shoe white or ivory court, there is much more variety and style that are available, if you look around you.

Time is very important if you are having your dress made, or if your gown requires no alteration, then you need the shoes for the right dress for the correct length for your dress.

Some of the key points to consider when looking for shoes, if you are looking at different stores and then do a tissue sample with you to compare, but remember, although it can match the color sample can look very different when viewed against the whole dress and in different light levels. It is also worth keeping a popsock with you if you wear socks or stockings on their big day, and remember that your feet swell during the day.

The current style choice is vast, from the shoe cut very traditional to contemporary accessible toe sandal, silk and satin is still the most popular choice of fabric and allows the shoe to be dyed. Most brides prefer a higher heel, but I do remember that you are using for a long time in the day and will be quite difficult to walk in her dress, so you need to feel comfortable and need to be able to walk in them easily. If you normally wear flat shoes do not decide to wear a pair of 10 cm heels, as it could ruin your wedding day, there is nothing wrong with using a lower heel. Although a higher heel is very flattering to the leg, a shoe with an ankle strap is very flattering on all shoes to the lowest high heels, and helps keep the shoe securely on your foot.

If the heel height is a concern, because you are taller than the groom, and then consider the height of the heel of the shoes of the groom, it is possible to find men's shoes with a slight heel higher than normal, but it looks like a remnant of the 1970s.

An important decision is the color, should match the shoe or the shoe contrast with the dress. It is becoming very popular to contrast with the dress shoes, especially for bridesmaids, for example a gold dress will contrast great with chocolate, or red shoes. Silver is a good choice of shoe to contrast with most dress colors, but I agreed to coordinate any jewelery if gold or silver to choose shoes. If you have your shoes dyed considered the opportunity to have them dyed with natural light or artificial light, as this may affect the color of them.

If you're getting married outdoors, consider a shoe with a wedge, preventing him from sinking into the ground. And for outdoor weddings in an atmosphere warm, it's advisable to consider a sandal to allow your feet to breath. A consideration of weddings on the beach is made of toe or slip on shoes, as it will allow the sand to pass through the caliper.

Finding the right shoes for bridesmaids can also be a struggle, especially if you have a wide range of ages of bridesmaids, unfortunately most manufacturers do not offer a full size range in the same shoe from very small to adult that are generally available in step size is, the ranges and different styles and sizes 7-1 for the bridesmaids and the little girls flowers then the smaller range of sizes from 1-5 and finally the size range of adult sizes 3-8.

No matter where you decide to buy his shoes, whether a High Street shop, bridal shop or store the best advice is to check the return and refund policy for the shoe, is a great day for you, you need time to make sure they are what you wanted.

Finally, the best advice is to choose what is comfortable for you to use and what you feel happy with the fact that it is an unusual color or style, but they are only worn for a single day, lasting in the wedding photo forever.


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We are wedding shoe specialists, offering a wide range of colours and styles not just for the bride but for the whole bridal party, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom or even your guests looking for a pair of wedding shoes to go with that special outfit.

Having helped thousands of brides choose their wedding shoes for their special day, we pride ourselves on offering an excellent customer service, putting you the customer first.


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