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Mod fashion tips: Choose clothing that fits your hourglass figure

Spring has arrived, and clothing designers are the introduction of new styles in skirts, dresses, jeans, shirts and tank tops. The mod, hipster, and retro fashion geniuses among us tend to covet certain styles. However, to his best, it is also essential to select clothing styles that complement your figure.

At first glance, the figure of clock Sand appears to be the embodiment of female perfection. Men lust after women and covet. Surprisingly, we found that the ladies watch sand as you can not put everything. too tight clothing, like leggings and provocative halters tend to look trampy. oversized clothing, loose tube dresses and very wide-legged jeans tend to look sloppy. Read on to discover the clothing styles that flatter, and get hip to the most popular design trends clothing, too.


If you have an hourglass figure, play up your curves to select clothes with a defined waist. This year, Corey Lynn Calter designer introduced the Raven "dress, a sheath, the oxide patterned dress color with a thin waist. This dress accents curves in all the right places without revealing too much flesh. Another flattering dress for your figure is the "Duo" strapless sailor dress clothing designer hype. This dress in gray and magenta swirled Sun, with a tie front and side pockets, is perfectly complimented by its beautiful shape.

If you are in line styles, add a belt to make a big splash and play their lines intriguing. For example, the "Mod-est" Jessie Williams Dress is a short dress, flirty style jacket with bell sleeves. You can use this dress as nice as your sisters figured if boy-easy with a wide belt at the waist. When you buy this dress, opt for solid colors or striped patterns to flatter your curves.

Formal wear is custom made for hourglass figures. However, there are still certain clothing styles that suit you better than others. One option that we like this year is the "Cupra" white dress, strapless by Zeto. The black-tie matched her figure back, and bust white tulle accents meshy subtly play up your curves. Pair this dress with the "Lovely Day" textured gold high heels by Poetic License.

Pants and Jeans

When selecting pants, opt for the cuts that the balance of his figure and play up their assets. For example, the "Electric Blue" by Paper Denim skinny jeans feature a higher waist that accentuates the curve of her hips, and zippers at the ankle to his showcase in the bottom half.

If racks are not your style, try the "Rose" gray denim jeans straight from the Union. Full coverage, low-rise waist and pocket detail to play your curves like a melody. Joan punk-rock jeans denim style apartments Jett scream cute. We like the "Night "Velvet textured plastic floors Melissa Plastic Dreams, or" Sadie "navy blue flats ballet Pink Studio.

The flashes are always hot, and the hourglass figure can wear many styles burned. The Isabel "," Paper Denim jeans have a mid-rise waist and leg legs elephant-creating the long lines, dreamy. If denim too casual for you, slip into a pair of jeans Union blue corduroy flared navy or gray. The soft stretch fabric hugs your curves in all the right places. Pair the shoes flares intriguing, as the "Martha" square-toe, heel wooden shoes T-Strap Frye, or the "sherbet" black leather boots from Chie Mihara heels.

Tops and T-shirts

Scoop neck tops beautiful busts are abundant. This spring, try the "Alice" organic cotton tee by Velvet pilot-back sheet. The modest scoop neck sailor tie and grace of her accent on the chest and shoulders. If you prefer less detail, the "Oyashio" style vest, scoop neck tank top by Stacey DAGG and offers a glimpse of a break and creates elegant lines.

Laguna fabrics done right accent also hourglass figures – providing your shirt options are not too wide. The Marcie "top owl print by Corey Lynn Calter swing balances your curves, while the" Joni "ruffled neck blouse Dear creature let it all go smoothly, but right at the waist slim play of their assets.

If in doubt, shirts classic "T" are not a bad idea. The young designers in the blood is the New Black have some things in store for the girl with curves – check out their "offer" and "Fists Fury "T-shirts that feature elegant cuts, sweet cap sleeves, and large, bold printed graphics. If basic is what you need, try the women's ribbed" Beater " upper tank by Alternative Apparel. The court called attention to the neck and arms while his body hugging perfection. Take a few in black, pink, and green for you can mix and match your wardrobe.

Happy shopping, girls!

Edge of urgency is a mod, retro, hipster, and a boutique boho fashion in Wilmington, North Carolina. The seller offers clothing-of-a-one dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, jeans, and accessories, including brands such as Chie Mihara, Rosa Studies shoes , and namesake of "Edge of Urge" the line. Visit our online store to buy 24 / 7, or get store hours today. About the Author

Selecting the right costume is never easier. For those with hourglass figure, clothing should perfectly fit the body. Knowing the importance of selecting the right clothing, the author of this article has explained the most wanted tips to find the tight clothing. Being a great fashion designer, the tips provided by the Author are highly valuable.

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