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Gladiator Sandal Tiny

Gladiator Sandal Tiny
"I can return or exchange shoes that broke when wearing?

basically I bought a pair of gladiator style sandals a couple of days. A few hours of use a pin buckle that holds the straps together somehow fell and now hangs at us! I received them New Look, let me abroad? Do not want to waste money (Yes I have the receipt

Hello darling, I manage a clothing store in the UK does not (New Look but another well-known). If the shoes do not fit the purpose for which sold then the customer is entitled to change or get a refund complete (provided you have the receipt). It basically means that if he could not perform the task that was supposed to (can not be used because it broke after a short time), then the time you have the receipt and becomes even within the time you can get all your money back. Without a receipt (or if they left their 28 days), then will be offered a change in the value of the current retail price of the item. So say the shoes had fallen in price, the only change would be worth paying lowest price, not you. It is best to get you up there immediately for refund or exchange. Hope I helped a bit:) EDIT: I forgot to mention that I worked for the new look before and if you do not have your receipt, will not be allowed any cash refund in the poster suggests. You will be offered an exchange or credit note. Most stores have this policy. Is to prevent thieves from stealing things, return without a receipt and giving cash back. New Look will not give you any cash without proof of purchase.:)

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