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Secrets to Healthy Spring Shoe Shopping

As you feel the heat of the sun on his shoulders and a soft breeze through your hair, you know that spring has finally arrived. The colors of spring flowers, green grass and blue sky inspired to head out for some new spring and summer outfits. This should mean that is the time to shop for spring shoes.

And this is when podiatrist offices begin to open the doors to the growing wave of foot pain caused by spring and summer shoe styles. As long as you know what to look for, you will not have to let your fashion sense lead to foot problems.

Worse, not in the spring of that fabulous new suit, but with ugly band-aids and blisters cross battered heels. Only need to know the pitfalls the problems of summer shoes to stay in style, and injury free.

The first thing you need to know is that for most women, spring dress, a radical change in the types of shoes to use. Suddenly, change winter shoes, no pressure points to open the sandals with thin strips.

The fine little reason temendous sandal straps pressure points and can lead to blisters, abrasions, and other irritation of the feet that are used to being protected in winter shoes. That does not mean you can not use them. It just means you have to get used to them slowly and gently.

The best way to facilitate Spring season is the shoes, choosing three or four different styles of summer shoes. Just make sure that each of heels with a height slightly different. They must also have straps that run in different parts of their feet. This will spread the pressure and lessen the chance of any irritation.

Yes Have you ever felt guilty about the purchase of several pairs of shoes in one day, this is your lucky day. Consider a prescription to buy this doctor a few new pair of shoes! Yes, you can even tell her husband that will be good for you.

When selecting summer shoes, you need to think about function. Obviously if you go to the beach, you do not want four three-inch heels. It's just common sense tells you not to wear sandals gladiator in a long walk. In those situations, I think comfort. In these situations, you should opt for lower heels and more support.

Having said all that, it's okay for you to wear shoes platform or wedge heels on occasion. In my opinion, you should feel free to use the more beautiful if you want at any time you go to a function requires nightwear, or when there is little wakling. You do not have to be ugly to be healthy.

Note that the most common medical problem of the foot can consulted with the shoes of summer is not the super high heels. But it is in fact heel pain associated with weak unsupportive flip-flops. This type of pain fasciits called plantar heel. In fact, accounts for 40% of all visits to a podiatrist annually.

When selecting flip-flops that need two features. First, you must have a slight heel. Flat is bad. Secondly, they must have some support. What I mean is that I support or have been built in some media for arch, or have a certain rigidity that makes them difficult to bend. Spend a few extra dollars on good shoes, and avoid the most common cause of foot pain.

Although the colors and styles change with the seasons, must wait for spring and warm weather fun styles. Alternating summer shoes, and not use any pair two days in a row, can be elegant at the same time maintaining good foot health. After all, its hard limp and look pretty!

About the Author

Dr. Christopher Segler is an award winning foot and ankle surgeon who specializes in non-surgical treatments for heel pain. He believes that the vast majority of people can cure their plantar fasciitis pain without ever seeing a doctor. You can learn more about heel pain self treatment and common home remedies by visiting http://www.NoMoreHeelPain.com .

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