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Genuine White Platforms

Genuine White Platforms
Texans Will Finally Send Packing Obama?

After seeing both Barak "Hussein" Obama's pathetic performance with Hillary "The Robot "Clinton is amazing how one can claim to lead the United States of America less than a great debate John McCain! Obama who presents himself as a" black " and panders to blacks in Ebonics genuine change in the South and diction as it crosses the Mason-Dixon line is an insult. He is not more African Americans than Donald Trump! In fact, he is the product of a mixed mariage. Lilly had a White mother and father dyed wool Muslim "and" Muslim stepfather! While Mitt Romney was attacked on all sides by his Mormon faith Obama gets a pass as he is an active member in blatant blatantly racist "Christian" church that gave Lifettime Achievement Award to Louis Farrakhan! He was present at the ceremony and stood on tiptoe applauding! It is "Pigmnetation" his only platform since, according to their patriotism wife certainly is not! What you say?

I would not question the patriotism of Obama just because your other half has not been proud of America his entire adult life, they do not represent their thoughts, right? I mean just because his name sounds a bit dubious and he was raised by an atheist and a Muslim and that have a problem using an American flag on his lapel, which should not alarm anyone doubt for a minute to put you in control of the most important task that the Stars & Stripes represents! In addition, he has a wonderful attitude and a smile!

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