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Fringe High Heel

Fringe High Heel
what you get for a wedding?

I have a wedding on Australia Day but I can not go to the reception and I'm not sure about what to wear or how to my hair? i can not go buy a brand new clothes. but I have a black dress with white polka dots with a fair bit mesh hem at the knee (boobtube) or a green and brown dress, halter neck (Cut very low around the breasts.) Just above the knee. I'm quite tall so I'm not a big fan of high heels high, although my sister and I share his shoes. I wear high heels? im not sure what to use? How should I have my hair. is of medium length (only in my boobs, but its stretched) I have a side fringe. I was thinking I have it curly but it looks like only thing nautral curls my natural curls are only at the ends. that I get curly? I know it's hard not to see what my clothes look. but if you could use your help imagation would be a GIANT!?!? please and thanks:]

Well, I'm going to a wedding in two weeks and I'm wearing a black dress with white polka dots for what they say to go with the trap My dress has a small red ribbon on it so I'm using red shoes (I'm not a fan of high priest either, but I think it looks better with a dress), a red ribbon to match the shoes. I say wear your hair down, but I have felt in loose curls the ends of her hair. Find an accessory to put on a headband to give him some flair. If your dress has no another color in it that's going in the same tone white on clothing and shoes that use color and do the same with the piece of hair. Although I am a fan of the color you do not want too much black! Have a great time at the wedding!

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