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Fluffie Flip Flop

Where has Summer gone?

Where has our summer gone?

We are all aware of the terrible weather conditions we have all been subjected, which has been our summer? Some sunny spells is all he had to offer, no hot barbeque weather for more than an hour and certainly no bikini time! Flip flops and sandals must have been carried through our summer months but more often than not, socks and closed shoes have been used to protect our feet from the harsh climate, cold. woolly jumpers and coats have also made their appearance in August …. of every month! Like the infamous Ugg boots, they are being used throughout the year and not only in the colder months of the summer season comes to an end, I think everyone will be preparing for a cold fall / winter and succeed street stores for all the essential hot, do not forget your comfortable shoes to keep feet warm and toasty, you never know when you are in need, since it is September, time seems going to be leaving us in the door with the fire burning! This list of hot chocolate and curl up watching a good movie to escape external environment, together with fluffy duvets, dressing gowns, mask and a glass of wine to get your mood lifted and feeling good at this time of year.

This year has seen the worst flooding on many roads grind to a halt due to extreme weather conditions. Rivers burst their banks, houses are under water and, unfortunately, people have lost their lives as a result. Apparently, the UK weather is getting worse over the years and precautions they have to be done to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.
For those communities that have been developing normally exchange the footwear fashion for Wellington boots and I must say, the main street retailers have been imaginative in the design of such patterns and prints for the ever popular and practical Wellington Start with the addition of this model and the frenzy of print in the design of some of the more funky waterproof I have ever seen! Polka dot to flowers and animals, they can not get any better.
All the weather is poor people in the UK and are taking a sun vacation need. Although there was a period of good weather, I think you will agree that we all need a little before the sun's rays are all spending your holiday to other countries to escape the heavy weather.

Soon it will be the time of year when not a single person will want to leave their nice warm beds and cold temperature, where the fire is at full volume and slippers your feet will never cease! At the moment the weather is getting better all day, but morning and night has to be the worst part of any day due to the temperature … when the winter will stop tormenting us? When we stock up on winter coats, shirts and boots or just leave complaining about the weather and take advantage of it.

We all seem a long, cold winter, so prepare yourself!

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