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Flip Flops Sandals

Flip Flops Sandals
Can you fail if you wear flip flops or sandals for your road test in new york?

A friend of mine has a road test on Thursday in the city Starrett New York, he hit the big toe, so wear shoes song / sneakers, flip flops or sandals takes affect the test Well, he spent your road test, with 0 points, said the woman has not even looked examiner to it, after the test, the examiner told him that this is his time, who had someone who had no negative point

Well, the test depends on what shoes you were. If you want to know if you fail, or if you fail by instructor wear flip-flops the answer is no. The driving instructor is more concerned with how well you follow the rules, and as if the car maneuver correctly, without making any error. Now I will say it is not the best idea to wear flip-flops. The reason is, flip-flops do not give you the proper foot support to use the gas or brake pedal. If your foot slip then may cause to press the wrong pedal and make a mistake or cause an accident. Flip flops are not prohibited but its not better to support the right foot. So I suggest that you to set whether you can or simply proof of courage, even with the injury.

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