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Flip Flops Pink

Flip Flops Pink

Passionately Pink for a party Cause

Passionately Pink Party This is a topic of girls find that beauty raises awareness and money, if want for a cause of their choice.


This game is all about feminine elegance. Place vases filled with flowers rose to his favorite around your home. No green thumb? Do not worry. Flora 2000 is a florist that offers a great nation. You can order beautiful pink tulips or roses, or any other lovely flowers and gifts.

Place the gift bags for your guests at a table near the entrance decorated home, giving customers something to look forward. We love the table in SocialCouture Pink Party dot com.

Menu: Continue with the subject, with a cocktail of color rose.

Passionately Pink Martini:

4 parts vodka.

2 parts simple syrup.

4 strawberries.

Muddle the strawberries in a cocktail shaker, then add remaining ingredients. Add ice and shake well. Strain into a martini glass.

Pink Champagne Cocktail:

Fill the smallest part of a flute of champagne with Chambord. Fill the rest of the flute with sparkling wine. Another option is to use Rose Champagne. We like the Cristalino Cava Brut Rose. Finish the champagne cocktail at a strawberry slices floating on top.

Beauty themed activities:

Hire a manicurist manicure to give your friends. Be sure to request a fast drying solution without fear that friends can finish their cocktails and participate in the rest of the fun.

Host a trunk show. Ask a local store owner or a freelance designer to show some their latest designs. Request to donate a portion of sales to their cause.

Beauty barter

Ask each guest to wrap and carry one of her favorite beauty products to establish a spending limit for the item, anywhere between U.S. $ 10-50 usually works well.

Put the numbers in a hat. Start with # 1 and add a number to each person in the party. Each person chooses a number. Place gifts in the center of the circle. Make sure everyone can see the presents.

The person who drew # 1 of the manga comes first. This person selects a gift from the pile. The person then quickly must unwrap the gift and show the whole world. Then, the person who drew the # 2 pick a gift sleeve. Person # 2 should unwrap the present and show the whole world. Person # 2 now has two options. Person # 2 can maintain its current or person # 2 can exchange gifts with the person # 1. Person # 1 must change presents willingly. Each currently can only be exchanged on three occasions. This makes the game more exciting. The game continues like this until everyone has a present.

Balloon Bust:


Buy a gift certificate to her favorite beauty shop or clothing store. Purchase a helium balloon pink of course, for all guests attending the celebration of a party goods store.

Fold square of paper small enough so that you have one for each balloon. Mark a small square with the logo of the charity / cause his party is supporting for example, a pink ribbon to raise awareness of breast cancer. Ask the store to supply the parts to put a small square of paper into each balloon during inflation.

During the party, give each person the opportunity to pick up a bouquet and balloon pop with a pin. The person who catches the ball in the box marked win the gift certificate.


Thank your guests for supporting his cause with a gift bag full of your favorite beauty must-haves.

Purchase of paper, gift bags handled favorite shade in pink and filled with the following:

• Rosa sandals – For use after a pedicure pampering sale most nail salons them for a couple of dollars per pair.

• Pink & White M & Ms – custom order mymms dot com.

• His favorite color polish pale pink nails or pure – I recommend Essie Fed Up. "

• A copy of your favorite beauty and fashion magazines.

• Information about your cause and a list of things that your friends can do to support it.

About the Author

Keisha Wright is principal partner of Chic Party Plans, a web-based Party Planning resource dedicated to helping the chic and savvy create unique events. She has over 10 years experience planning events for clients like Teen People, the University of California and Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

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