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Flip Flops Black

Flip Flops Black
"I can wear black flip-flops to a hollister interview?

From what I found doing a little research, it sounds like Hollister is quite strictly to its dress code. While not technically an employee, however, must still dress according to their dress code. You will a leg up on the competition if you can show the interviewer that are not only familiar with the company environment, but I respect it. While flip-flops are the footwear necessary black in a big no-no, even footwear. I would not use black flip flops if you have any other color option. If you give flops Hollister I would turn and show that the support the company. Observe the rules of another dress code that can be found at the link below and a Google search Wiki simple "dress code Hollister." best of luck in your interview and do not forget your important accessory: the confidence of the majority.

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