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Flat Womens Shoe

Flat Womens Shoe
Women Against menswear whos is better?

What kind of clothes it gets better in your opinion? I think women do, because they have a great freedom of expression, different colors and styles of pants, skirt or dress. Shoes, flats, open toe, high heels or tennis shoes. Can show off skin without being offensive, showing the legs, change the color of your legs with socks / stockings. Do you feel this is the freedom or a burden? Do you think that men have better with the clothes?

Women, no doubt. They have a variety of different types of shoes, dresses, skirts, etc. They are able to use the same colors, and men are often looked at strangely if you were pink skinny jeans. Women are also allowed jewelry, headbands, makeup, plus accessories hair and hair styles and a bag or clutch. So yes, women have it easy.

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