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Flat Dress Walking

Flat Dress Walking
Are they a good alternative flats to heels while wearing dresses?

I'm about 5'9 and look good wearing high heels. They seem very high and not I want to stand out so much. I never wore heels than a few times in social gatherings. He can barely walk in them. I wondered if flats look good with clothes? I really do not use dresses, but I am considering a wardrobe adjustment since I'm 18. Do not want to sound like a girl. I prefer to look more like a woman. Any advice is needed. Thank you. Not I'm in short things. I'm definitely not a hussie.

YES! The shots are definitely your friend. I live downtown Portland, and it is important to be upset fashion-forward in the area where I live. Walking everywhere and have some really great stories that go with jeans or a dress! There are three important types of housing that: plain black, a shiny metallic pair, and a couple with a pointed toe. Have fun making costumes!

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