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Fixed Turn Lock

A Brief History of Locks

A locksmith's work involves the installation, mounting, collecting and disposing of the locking systems and to do a basic understanding of how a lock is needed. The basic system of a lock, so that a key is used to move a metal pin in a hole in the door frame is essentially the same across designs. However, the manner in which this is achieved has changed and evolved over time.

In the old days, when most of the locks used the key of the door itself, this was a rather simple (although the earliest form of the lock was actually found in ancient Egypt). Door keys, still used today, though mainly as a deterrent / design feature large door and churches, have a simple anatomy that consists of one page (actually the 'key' bit that works with the mechanism) near the end and a long handle that holds the blade at a right angle. This means that only a very limited number of permeations are possible, since only the distance from leaf the end of the key and its size is what determines who will be integrated lock and a persistent thief could easily double or rotate the key lock mechanism by other means. Also known as warded locks and occasionally found in cabinets and drawers.

Over time, however, locks have become more sophisticated. After the introduction of locksmith guilds in the Middle Ages, the art form progressed dramatically increased the incidence of crime resulting in a huge industry. Now locksmiths were encouraged to design more and more complex designs that would be able to keep out a greater number of intruders and be more difficult to collect. In order to become a "master locksmith locksmith in a guild would design an innovative new type of lock that would then display in the guild or in museums. Obviously, this resulted in more and more complicated types of lock.

cylinder locks are much more common today days and these work very differently. Here the word 'lock cylinder is actually a cylinder inside a cylinder and is the work of the internal chamber for rotate and move the lock mechanism. Normally however, this is hampered by a series of small pins of varying lengths that lie within the chamber. It the work of the blade of the key and then to push your teeth these pins from the center of the cylinder so that the block could be converted. cylinder locks can be easily unscrewed and replaced if the locks locksmiths need to be changed. Also popular are the lever locks that use similar keys to the door design keys.

Many companies and organizations, however, now use digital locks with card keys or numeric coding systems to release or contract to a powerful magnetic closure. These systems have the advantage of foregoing the need to copy many different keys and master keys or picks denies security a little better. On the downside they are susceptible to hacking, power outages and are quite expensive to install.

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