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Fine White Flat

Fine White Flat
Guppy white spot … does not look like this? "

My guppy developed a white spot on its end. Does not look like ICH (spores multiple … etc). This is more a flat, white discoloration, I can see the lines in his field through it.The fin is a few inches round and has been in there for more than a week. My guppy fin moves too fast to see if the land has dimesion to it. He is eating, swimming and not acting in any way unusual. There are two clouds white and two zebra danios in there too (no points). The water of nitrates, etc are fine (tested w / kit). As a precaution, I was advised (by PetSmart) take an ICH treatment with malachite green. I have returned to the temperature at 82 *, but I saw no change (now part of treatment 2) Could be discoloration or worse? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I looked online and all I see is info Ich.

Ich is white spots like salt grains appear for all the fish. Your guppy may only have injured the area that is healing. My goldfish often quite large white opaque spots on their fins and simply disappear gradually. Probably nothing to worry about. **

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