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Fashion Ladies Shoes

Fashion Ladies Shoes

Flat shoes rise above the rest: Top ladies shoes

We all love high heels – few things are more empowering, sexy, dramatic and expressive than slipping on a pair of high heels for an event, dinner or whatever. Therefore, it may come as a shock to you know that more and more women are discovering and rediscovering women flat shoes as an option for daily use. The designers began to intervene in the plate when it comes to style and comfort, and we are starting to notice as we peruse the fashion magazines to the gossip rags, and while shopping around.

What really pushed flat shoes back to the forefront? There was a moment that meant we were starting to tire of, or sigh – getting too old to have heels on all the time. And maybe some of us still feel that way. But look what designers Tory Burch for Marc Jacobs are coming up with, and be more difficult to deny that flat shoes are entering a renaissance. From ballet flats vague, are no longer a more comfortable alternative, but an alternative fashion when high heels are just not practical to wear.

Steve Madden flats women

Some of my favorite flat shoes for women are being designed by my favorite designers of shoes in general – Steve Madden. His bold and colorful design caught my attention from the beginning, and I think many of my training, adult life changes have happened when I was a pair of shoes. So do not jump for me to try some flats Steve Madden, as Kobraa Black Snake, which is my favorite when I have to look good in the office and be ready for an impromptu night.

Steve Madden ballet shoes snake skin like P-Jack nature are simply irresistible when he wants attention someone – either with admiration or envy. The sobriety of the ballet flat, combined with the snakeskin printed leather creates and striking balance of whimsy and classic design, while feeling very comfortable to wear. You may not be getting their toes into these (although you can if you wish), but you will feel a cut however, above all.

Juicy Couture flats for women

When I want to be carded at a bar or club (just a personal ego thing) I love wearing my Juicy Couture. Always colorful, always fresh, casual, comfortable and very, very occasionally go through a weekend without wearing something juicy. I just added some floors Juicy Couture in my closet, Edith Silver Nappa with gold buckles – it's every bit of juicy I want in a ballet flat. Bright, beautiful and amazing with everything from a cocktail dress a pair of dark jeans, these are some of the best flat shoes for women who have invested in.

If you still do not think a flat shoe it will do for you, I urge you to go to your nearest store and try it. You will find that are just as comfortable and easy to walk, and you will be amazed by the many variations and styles that are produced by their favorite designers. There are plenty to choose from, including:

• Fragmented story

• White Flats

• Gold flats

• Red Flats

• Brown story

Take a look online as well – there are plenty of large stores like my old standby Jildor (www.JildorsShoes.com) that have an amazing selection for you to look through. I'm pretty sure it will not be long time before it is spending more time with some great apartments for daily life.

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Audrey Wilson is a writer on the latest fashion for women ranging from skirts to blouses. Her passion, however, lies in casual and ladies designer footwear.

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