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Dress Sling Shoe

Dress Sling Shoe
What to pack for the trip to Europe this summer?

Leave may28-june19 … visiting England France Germany Switzerland and Italy .. I've never been. I have provided a package suitcase, backpack hand for the aircraft and a harness-type bag. However .. I am at a loss on the amount of jeans / shirts / dress / shoes / jackets / etc etc etc should probably package. I hear the churches are strict with dress code, however, and I'm not Tennie shoe type of girl. but I know I will some kind of package as Tennie-shoe type of shoe. . I'm not completely stupid. Also, any idea what kind of electric outlit is more common? Do the French really hate Americans? how many euros do you recommend I keep on me in cash on arrival for the first time? I will use my credit card card mostly though. Is it all pretty cool at night? (I think anything under 70 degrees is cold) … I'm from the south.

less is better to do for the carrier bags (you) www.gogreece.about.com / cs / packingtips / ht / packwomen.htm has some good advice to treat others as you want to be treated in France Bonjour when you try to speak French will never have any problem with people smile is universal in France

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