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Double Platform High

Double Platform High
Double standard for racism in the U.S.?

So here's my question for you, the Commonwealth of Yahoo Answers. Why is that people like Minister Farakhan and Jesse Jackson, you can talk about whites and Jews and have nothing happen to them. Farakhan has said many times that Jews and whites are the reason for all the problems African Americans in the U.S.. But that still gives an important platform on radio and television. While personalities White carried out at a level that no man or woman can live up to. I know that people like Don Imus has crossed the line, and are punished. But when leaders in black stepped forward and say things like Farakhan said nobody says anything. He even lift any pedastall. Another double standard in comedy. Black comedians for years closed whites for everything from not being able to dance, his way of speaking, have little know what it is. But comics are white non-blacks can talk about any type of derogatory way. Whites are held to a higher level than blacks?

First, what you describe unless technically racism. Racism is prejudice + power. What we have here is without prejudice to the right. (Actually, since the people you mentioned are famous and have access to the press, could make the argument that they have too much power.) You are correct, because humanity does not serve to generalize anything about people based on race. And As illustrated, the people of all races can be shaken. But I think many people have argued that Farakhan and others are affected in many of its states, including many black leaders and other people of color. He is not universally admired, and many people of color do not believe speaks for them. Over the years there have been some comics that have been able to use humor to make us look more carefully at issues of race in this country, both black and white. Then others in black and white, using derogatory jokes to get a cheap laugh. I know that I prefer to listen.

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