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Donald Pliner Couture

Donald Pliner Couture
Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that make you happy to see them, much less wear them? Please describe the in excruciating detail, if so! I have a pair of Donald Pliner shoes with three inch heels on, which have metal in them, and goldish Cowher beigy … West is the couture collection. They are simply horrible, but I love! Oh and mules are also …

Yes, I have a shoe fetish and I tend to wear shoes that none of my freinds would be caught dead in. … my favorite shoes for the cold are what I affectionately refer to as my "boots Frankenstein ".. rock they, I've had for eight years .. I have room for them in $ 5 and still look like new .. theyre black, 2-inch pieces Heel big, big silver buckle … My favorite warm weather shoes are white with large daisys sandals stuck horrible imitation everywhere .. first took them was to pick up my son from soccer practice fron a few years ago … I got out of the van and my best friend burst out laughing hysterically. I was like "Omg, what I miss?" She says: "Oh Lisa, that's why I love you, anyone else have the balls to walk in public in those horrible things! "Haha

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