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Different color patterns

Actually there is no single source that could refer to these accents room decor, but very often Traditional Home Magazine will feature homes with roof window, especially in their spring editions. While that does not help you now, let's talk about some basic things. Since you have dormers and traditional windows in the same room, you are right in saying that the treatment should coincide.

But "with the theme" we can "coordinate", which gives us much more freedom. If your windows are covered with regular or curtains, consider using the same fabric and the creation of a seat faux window, a chain suspending a glass roof or an art object, or a small, but oh so valence as for the upper loft.

As long as the fabric coordinates from one room to another, you'll be fine. If you buy ready-made window treatments, buy one extra and use that to create your attic treatment itself. My only idea here is to use your imagination. Kirsch makes bars in a wide range of sizes from 4 inches up. Give some thought to the possibilities, and enjoy the ride!

If you like the traditional style of investing in a subscription to Traditional Home magazine. You'll find award-winning designs, large tips and beautiful photography. There is no "one" book of decoration could recommend but good number. Look for books by designers you know.

You do not have to have the same finish on accessories. As a matter of fact, I would not recommend it. Go for the design and finish you like. Countertops and flats do not have to match anyone. Remember my number one rule is, if "love it" and put it in your home, you'll love the result.

Often photos published in magazines are neither "real" or practical. Sometimes they are just promotional photos made by designers to show new paint colors for a company of painting in particular. They are often made for "designers" who know nothing about color and how it affects people and function rooms.

The designers do custom work, so this scheme was probably a certain person at home with specific taste and personality. Sometimes that does not translate well if you raise the same scheme and is left in a new room. Some of the worst color design I've seen has been shown in magazines from home.

That said, does not mean you can not fall in love with a color scheme in an edition of the magazine. What it means is that you have to adjust and be practical. It needs to work on your space. If it does not for you then go see what the working color design dose for you. You do not want to get a color design just shadows of the room for you and your guess.

The other thing that you all must realize "there is no color formulas." Note that when I give advice, describing the color information with words as "take a look at", "check out", "something like" and go one to describe the colors and the list of options.

Although the list of specific colors of paint, I always give choices. I do this to confuse and make more difficult, but to help you make all rooms and the situation is different and that ultimately must make their own choice of colors. You can always go with paint samples and try out the sample in the room I believe that would be nice and work from there.

Black, white and red are a classic color combination. Very nice in some cases, but possibly not practical in a vast hall. I've never seen it done well, even with a fourth color such as blue sky added. Please consider adjusting the scheme and also consider getting paint chips out in person at the house in question. The lighting will be different and the size of the room, everything.

And also consider a mark different paint! There are many wonderful brands in Europe that are excellent. Each Romm is different, as each person is different. Some rooms need a light color to the room more comfortable then other rooms to be a little darker.

Therefore, one white, the color scheme of black, red sky, blue, white is the most crucial. A pure white wall with a ceiling of 15 feet is likely to be cold and overwhelming unless you know what you are doing. Each shadow you mention can be tweaked and to work with the light in your room to a similar effect to the design that you saw, but you have to do it in person.

If you need help with this system, I recommend hiring a qualified color consultant. Make sure when you hire someone who asked to see some of those who work so that you know what the work looks like. You can then decide whether to hire or not.

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