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Dansko Black Leather

Dansko Black Leather
What socks, in your case, I can use with these shoes?

Can anyone tell me what socks, if any, that may lead to these two shoes? Is there a dress I can wear socks? Or a small sock type that does not show? Or am I supposed to not use anything on my feet? These I have in black: These http://www.dansko.com/Product_Detail.aspx?StyleName=Marcelle&ID1=822&ID2=230202&VID=1817 I have black leather: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2943891/0 ~ ~ ~ ~ 2376778 2372811 ~ 2384534 6002032 6002033? Mediumthumbnail = Y & category = & source = & searchtype PBO = 6002033 & P = 2 Thank you so much! By the way – My plan is to use both pants, no skirts or dresses.

Ummm do not think I would put socks with them.

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