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Dance Salsa Shoes

Dance Salsa Shoes
What kind of clothes / shoes should be worn during the dance classes?

I'll be taking a lot of dance classes. What should I wear (clothing / Shoes / accessories) for everyone? Belly Dance Hip Hop Dance Salsa Samba Pole

For belly dance class usually wear yoga or jazz pants and a sleeveless crop top with a scarf or hip. I've been half-soled sandals too. Most of our company to take something similar. Want to wear something that does not restrict movement and is not bulky, so you can see if you are running the movements correctly. Your instructor will tell you if it is expected that you have all the accessories such as veils, Zills, cane, sword, etc. for the class. I can not help much with the styles of dance. Sometimes depends on the instructor as to what expect students to take to class or to take with them to class.

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