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Cute Comfy Gladiator

Cute Comfy Gladiator
Shoes with a dress for Warped '09?

I'm going to Warped '09 in Toronto this year. I'm probably in a dress, because I do not give a Apparently shit "Other" or use "band tees and studded belts." The clothes are cute and comfortable, and I DO NOT mosh. I do not want to use floors, because they usually give me blisters / damage. Apparently flip-flops are a no-no? I gladiators, but those who can not be good? I brought them to the AP Tour this year and they were fine. I'm not sure what the best shoes I've ever been on Warped. Thank you. <3

well if you do not need shoes mosh ultra protection but usually go near the stage and you need to wear shoes that can remain on your feet for themselves i wore flip flops to a concert and lost two while surfing crowd and if you like overcrowding not wear a dress … I have dressed it be great if you just look up and I would suggest something to cover their toes if they are stepped on, many fans crazy people who do not care where you are stepping up, but people usually wear jeans / shirts, and covering them with ease, nothing is so easily grasped by accident my other fans, and "style", but used for a concert experience easier a dress would be fine but if you do not think that will be into action much besides watch the concert .. SHOES THAT LOVE DONT BRING can get damaged, lost or stolen or could rain (idk the weather) and ruin the shoes super cool that leads to the concert .. enjoy! im going in the MD

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