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Cut Out Thong

Cut Out Thong

Correa Family Tree "There's a style for all

What comes to your mind when you think of the word "thong"?

Am sure many of you have a lot of the same thoughts. Typically, a hot girl on the beach with classic white linen or image of the stripper to tease customers. Although these thoughts are running wild in your mind that are probably the same type of belt, when in fact there are actually a number of different styles that can be called belts.

Each style has distinct characteristics, qualities and purposes. Not only are there different types, but each attend a series of stylistic preferences. Maybe you do not have enough confidence in your body to use that thong in public, but may possibly have the confidence to bring a variation called the thong.

1. Tanga:

This is by far the most famous and scandalous thong. Many sometimes referred to as silk cap, a g-string consists of a small patch front triangle, with strings that go around the hips and buttocks.

2. Tanga:

The Tanga covers a huge area of the female anatomy, I'm kidding. In contrast to the thong, that covers a significantly larger surface area because the front is completely covered, while the back is higher court, usually turn up a few inches above the butt.

3. Correa:

Father so to speak in the family of the straps is actually called a thong. This piece in particular has material little more than the thong at the front and rear. Usually 1/2inch to 1 inch of material in the back to cover an area some more.

4. V-string:

This part of the family of G-string is known for V shape that makes up the rear. You've probably seen this style on women on the beach wearing a bathing suit piece, and offers coverage a little more than a g-string.

5. T Back:

For more coverage on the front of your body, then this thong is for you. This is a wider belt goes around the back forming a T shape of the output of material back of the belt.

6. River:

Can not decide what type of belt to wear? Actually, not sure about exposure a large amount of skin with a thong. You may want to start with the River. This style is known as the "starter thong. 'Reports are similar to high court bikini more than anything, and makes a nice transition piece.

No matter what, there are many styles, shapes, designs and colors to fit almost straps everyone's taste!

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What you just read about Granny Panties is just the beginning. Uncover a nation devoted to panties. www.Grannypantynation.com is a fun filled interactive community where members can rate pictures, submit videos, share stories and play games.

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