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Cut Out Flat

Cut Out Flat

Jewelry design with old-cut diamonds

There is a difference between the overall effect of a historic cut diamond offers compared to brilliance of modern cut diamonds. While antique cut diamonds exude a certain subtle style, the modern cuts provide a brilliance that is unmatched in its own way intense.

Many jewelry designers have been attracted by the subtlety of the old and the court have adopted in their jewelry designs to improve the overall appearance programs. Another aspect that makes the old court as attractive and fascinating is the fact that each old cut diamond looks different and reflects the form of rough diamonds. The subtlety of the work also ensures that the viewer's attention is directed toward the general design and configuration and not just diamonds that shine.

Antique diamond cuts that are being sponsored these days are

Briolette – The teardrop round has application in earrings and necklaces and other jewelry designs in which a hanging tool can enhance the look. A simple diamond drop can add to the look of the piece parts such multiple slope and are suitable to adorn the neck of a princess. The triangular faceted briolette and waist no. The size that are more popular is between 0.50 to 1.00 carats carats.

Rose – The rose cut has a flat base and an antique triangular facet that makes a peak. The flat base may have a round, triangular or pear shape and therefore lends itself to be used in different configurations and designs. The old court was the most popular before the discovery and development of the first round. Most rose cuttings are available in the range of 3 mm to 6 mm.

Beads – This fully faceted diamond is like a strip, as its name suggests. It can be drilled longitudinally through the center be used in a string. A necklace of diamonds and a pearl necklace can make many heads turn. These diamond beads are also a favorite among designers when they want pearl necklaces and other jewelry space. The diamond midrange accounts are in the market range from 2 mm to 4 mm.

Rondelle – Rondelle is a diamond wheel and has faceted edges. Due to the nature of the court, usually reduced in rough diamonds that are extremely flat, for starters. These are mainly used as separators among the colored stones, jewelry, gold beads or pearls. The rank is in the rondelle is larger and these discs are flattened in the range of 2 mm to 6 mm.

Among these cuts of antiquities, the round brilliant is considered the most superior. The nature of the court allows better performance and more efficient light. Although designers considered modern brilliance and light return efficiency so important, put a much greater emphasis on design layout, setting and sculptural work of art. The emphasis on these elements makes the antique cut diamond a more attractive option.

Given the high demand for old-cut diamonds, they began to be produced in large quantities. Inequality orchestrated in shape and design is not appreciated by many designers because it is against the ethics of cuts antiques. But the benefits of using these old cut diamonds far outweigh the negatives associated with mass production. The fact that the cuts are old subtle, bringing out the best in the environment and the design and draw attention to the shape of the face is reason enough for designers to antique diamond jewelry to choose cut on the regular. And with the growing demand for designer jewelry, antique cut diamonds are set in the industry with its grace, elegance and panache.

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