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Cuff Stiletto Heel

Cuff Stiletto Heel
Should I get my pants hemmed sleeve wear high heels, stiletto heels with pants?

I want to wear high heels stilettos high jean with khaki pants or jeans, but I get my pants cuffs Hemed to wear with the shoes stiletto heels? Do stiletto-heeled shoes has to show when wearing them to look good? I saw many of my friends and I like that style. Please help me out!

Depends on the pants. If you are the type that fits tightly at the ankle then the pants must be hemmed at the ankle and shows off the whole shoe. If the pants are loose in the ankle (ie, boot-cut or straight leg) then they must be hemmed to (when you're wearing heels), almost touching the ground. It is best to bring heels the seamstress and have your brand the edge while you're wearing pants and heels.

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